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As a twin sister and twin mother, Suzanne Lagerweij from the Netherlands is a real twin expert. She knows what it’s like to be a twin, still having a special bond with her twin brother. Mothering her 10 years old fraternal twin girls Lois and Lora and her 8 years old son Kay, she understands the challenges of twin parents completely.

After her twins were born, Suzanne became particularly interested in the topic of raising twins. Since finishing her Master’s in Child Development in 2006 she has been following International Twin Studies and giving parenting support to twin parents. Suzanne organises workshops for parents and professionals. She also writes articles about raising twins for her Dutch website www.twinspiratie.nl and on request of professional organisations.


TwinsVideoBlog will answer all your questions about raising twins. Do you have any specific questions? Please send an e-mail to suzanne@twinsvideoblog.com

You can also book a workshop about raising twins.

Suzanne has written the following articles:

  • Twin types (2008)
  • Twin pregnancy: how to reduce the risks (2008)
  • Expecting twins or higher multiples (2009)
  • The first year with multiples (2009)
  • Multiples and individuality (2009)
  • Multiples and language development (2009)
  • Multiples and school: together or apart? (2009)
  • How to share the attention when having twins (2008)
  • Sleeping together or apart? (2009)
  • Mutual stimulation between twins (2009)
  • The importance of zygosity determination (2009)
  • Dressing twins: alike or different? (2010)
  • Twinloss (2010)
  • Selective fetal reduction (2010)
  • Competition between twins (2010)
  • Siamese twins (2010)
  • Triplets: prevelance and risks (2010)

Suzanne has also written:

  • Informultiples (informeerling), a handbook about raising multiples for The Dutch Twins Club (2009)
  • Twins are different (tweelingen zijn apart), the introduction for a photo project named ‘Twins‘ of photographer Peter Voerman (2008)
  • Raising doubly (dubbel opvoeden), a chapter about raising twins for the book ‘Everything Doubly‘ of Author Denise Hilhorst (2009)

Suzanne regularly organises the following workshops:

  • Expecting twins: how to get well prepared
  • Twins and their individuality: how to deal with the similarities and differences between twins
  • Twins and their language development: how to prevent language delay or autonomous language
  • Twins and school: together or apart?

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