International Multiple Birth Awareness Week

This upcoming week is International Multiple Birth Awareness Week!
Wherever you live in the world, some of the issues of raising multiples are the same. How do we foster the unique bond between our multiple birth children while at the same time encouraging the individual development of each child?

Hannah and Eva

The International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO) believes that multiples, just like other children, have the right to be respected and treated as individuals with their own needs, preferences and dislikes. This week the ICOMBO will focus on the educational needs of multiples: How do we navigate our multiples through the education system? Will our school allow us a voice in the placement of our children – will the multiples be kept together, or will they be separated? How do we encourage their unique bond while treating each child as an individual?

ICOMBO strongly believes that decisions about classroom placement of multiples should be made annually, on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the parents and if age appropriate, the children concerned. “We believe that blanket policies on this issue are inappropriate. We support each and every multiple birth family in their quest to find the best educational outcome for their children and wish you well in your journey”.

For further information, visit the ICOMBO website

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