8 things that can be very Helpfull when you’re having Twins!

Getting twins will definitely put your life upside down. I experienced the first year with my twins as being very stressfull and exhausting compared to the first year with my son who was born after we got twins.

So what can you do to survive that first year? How can you reduce stress and prevent exhaustion?

  • Be wel prepared. Try to find all sorts of information during your pregnancy (about early birth, breastfeeding, how to take care of 2 babies…)
  • Make sure you are ‘ready’ on time. There is a big chance that your babies will be born premature
  • Ask for support. Maybe you have relatives or friends that are willing to help you out during the first weeks
  • See if you can work less are even stop working for a while. This will definitly reduce the stress
  • Try to get your babies in the same schedule in an early stage. You can start working on this when your babies are about 3 months old
  • Try to take a nap when your babies are asleep during the day. You will need this when you’re having one broken night after another
  • Don’t stress about your householding. Your house is never clean enough!
  • Try not to worry about your social life. Your real friends will understand your situation and give you all the time you need to get used to your life with twins

Pregnancy Julien and Lisen

Try to accept that the first years with your twins will demand a change of lifestyle. But luckily that’s only temporary. Don’t forget that your twins will grow older. Before you even know it, they will be old enough to spend most of their time with their friends!


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